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Creating a compassionate and supportive space where we can utilize mindfulness, guided visualization and equine-assisted therapy to deepen our self-awareness and promote physical and emotional healing.

Horses as Healers

Horses are beautiful, sentient beings with deeply sensitive spirits. A horse can melt away your anxiety and inspire confidence in ways you do not expect; they’ll teach you how to deal with resistance and how to pay attention to the things that keep you stuck, without pushing or forcing you to withdraw. We’ll work together to use this gentle, non-confrontational and relevant model to examine the ways that you would like to introduce change into your life. 

Our resident herd of horses has worked with a variety of people in many different circumstances. They are patient, steady and highly intuitive. They align with you and create a safe processing space. We’ll approach the horses with the care and gentleness they need. We believe that if a person can learn to tune in, align or connect with a horse they'll be able to access a powerful teacher and agent of healing.

Our Equine Open Heart Sessions Include:

Tree Meditation  The experience begins by walking through the pasture and into the forest. There we will ground ourselves in the moment, experience a meditative group connection and offer land acknowledgment. 

Meet The Herd  This activity is guided. We will walk into the pasture and commune with our herd of 12 horses. You and the horses are free to walk around, stand together, observe, connect and interact.  

Reflective Grooming  This is a prescribed method of grooming the horse with special grooming gloves. The intimacy of the experience for you and the horse is close, comforting and mindful.

Join-Up Heart Connection  This activity is one-on-one (horse to human) in a fenced enclosure with a trained facilitator as your guide. The objective is to make an authentic heart connection with your equine companion.

Journaling  The vital objective of all the activities is to be present and in the moment so that you can witness your reactions without judgment. We will provide you with your own journal to jot down your observations and feelings during the session.


We recommend that after you leave the farm and this horse experience, plan a quiet afternoon of reflection so that you can fully understand and process all that you experienced, felt, sensed and learned.

Let’s connect and discuss how equine therapy could be suitable for your needs.

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