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Below is a list of items you will need when you adopt a dog or a cat. Each pet is unique and some may need more, or different items, but this list gives you an idea of what you should have before your new family member comes home!
  • An appropriate size crate

  • A Kong (for stuffing with treats to keep your dog busy, especially when crated!) Black Kongs are the strongest.

  • Food and water bowls – porcelain or stainless steel are best

  • 6-foot nylon leash

  • Flexi lead

  • Treats for training

  • Good quality dry food – no by-products, additives or dyes

  • Wet food, peanut butter or cheez whiz for stuffing Kong

  • Toys

  • Bitter Apple spray if your new dog is a chewer

  • Non-clumping litter if kitten

  • Clumping litter for adults

  • Litter box (if adopting a kitten, make sure the box is low enough so they can get in. If adopting an adult cat, the bigger the box, the better and be aware that some cats don’t like using covered litter boxes)

  • Food bowls (stainless steel or porcelain are best – some cats can get acne from bacteria in plastic dishes)

  • Cat bed (doesn’t have to be fancy, even a cozy towel in a box will do!)

  • High quality dry food – no by-products, additives, dyes

  • High quality wet food

  • Toys (don’t have to be fancy, homemade are just as fun! Fishing pole toys and laser pens work great for tiring out energetic cats!)

  • Scratching posts (be aware that some cats prefer Sisal (coiled rope), and others prefer carpet. Make sure the post is tall enough for your cat to stretch out fully and is sturdy enough to not tip over)

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