Rebel came to the sanctuary in February 2017 and was Promised Land's first rescue. He narrowly avoided being chicken soup, when an exasperated family asked if we would take him in because he was terrorizing their young children. He quickly bonded with our dogs and would make regular visits to the house for play sessions, feedings and cuddles. Once the hens arrived, Rebel easily settled into his new role as protector and clan leader.
The natural lifespan of a chicken is 8-10 years. The unnatural lifespan is about 2 years, when their egg production wanes and they are sent for meat. Twenty-eight lucky hens found their way to our sanctuary from a neighbouring farm in July 2017. Some of them are still laying and others have stopped. The important thing is they are safe and well cared-for and will live out their natural lives at the sanctuary.
A local farm asked if we could take in these sweet ducklings because they did not have the space or a pond for them. They turned out to be two females and one male. They enjoy the pond, rainy days, their kiddie pool and dramatic storytelling with their duck friends. 
These guys became a nuisance to their owner and were going to end up as dinner. Luckily, a kind soul rescued them and reached out to our sanctuary. They love their new digs, scavanging around the yard, naps in the sunshine and wading in the shallow end of the pool or the pond. They are also the barnyard mafia, maintaining order and occasionally wrecking havoc in the chicken coop.
Molly came from a farm where she has overstayed her welcome and was going to become dinner. A kind neighbour convinced the farmer to surrender her and brought her to the sanctuary. Molly has lots to say. She is constantly chatting and has quite a repertoire of grunts to express her mood of the moment. She loves belly rubs and going for long walks around the property with the resident pups. 
This sweet dude was a beloved pet until his owners found themselves losing their home due to circumstances beyond their control. They were heartbroken and scrambled to find a sanctuary to give him a good home in order to avoid taking him to the humane society. Kevin shares room and board with his buddy Molly and loves making forts out of his blankets. A bit on the portly side, he is currently on a healthy diet and exercise regimen. He is a kind boy who enjoys a good massage and is not at all averse to treats.
BABE SAANEN GOAT May 2008 – Sep 2019
This gentle soul came to us from an elderly owner whose failing health made it hard for him to care for her. Babe was in pretty rough shape when she arrived: malnourished, with super long nails on her hind legs and a festering neck wound. Goats are herd animals but Babe lived alone in a small enclosure for ten years. She now lives with her friend Taco and a whole brood of ducks. She has come out of her shell and even ventures out on short walks close to the barn. Taco passed away almost a year after she arrived due to complications from a heart murmur. ​​ 
Having been diagnosed with the CAE virus, an incurable and contagious (to other goats and sheep) disease, Taco's future was not looking too bright. The vet recommended that she be culled but her owner did not have the heart to do it and reached out in a Facebook post, to see if anyone would give this girl a forever home. Our sanctuary happily stepped up and Taco quickly became the barn darling. She shares her living quarters with the duck families and our other senior goat, Babe. Taco Tuesdays have taken on a whole new meaning :)
Red had a promising career as a reining horse in Texas, USA until a trailering accident at the age of 9 years left him permanently lame. After a while, the owner who was boarding him at an Ontario farm stopped paying board and stopped coming around altogether. Red's future looked pretty bleak until a lucky Facebook post brought him to Promised Land. Red adores being fawned over. If he could crawl into your lap and curl up, he would! Here, he enjoys long grooming sessions and deep tissue massages, as well as the company of all mares who adore him!
Annie came with Red, as his companion horse. At 22, she had a long life of being a show pony and was then literally put out to pasture and forgotten. Annie is super intelligent and understands pretty much everything that is asked of her. She is wonderful with children and people who have zero to little experience with horses. She fit easily into the herd and now explores over ten acres of pasture with her buddy Red and the rest of the herd.
Khaleesi came with her friend Rhaegal from a neighbour's farm. She is a small Belgian Draft horse. Her owners both passed away suddenly and she and Rhaegal were left to fend for themselves. Khaleesi used to be a working horse and was trained to pull a wagon. She is gentle and sweet and made fast friends with the rest of the herd, although she prefers the company of Rhaegal. Both girls are in good physical condition but need a lot of work on their feet. They are loving all the attention from our visitors and volunteers. 
Rhaegal came with Khaleesi from a neighbour's farm. She is a Belgian/ Percheron Draft horse. Her owners both passed away suddenly and she and Khaleesi were left to fend for themselves. Rhaegal has not had much handling or training and was deemed unsafe around humans, but has responded extremely well to love and attention. She loves being groomed and having her mane and tail brushed. We are currently working on getting her to politely lift her feet and yield when asked :)  
This 150 lb sweetheart is a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees cross and came from a family who downsized and found that their new home was not a good fit for this pup, who needs a lot of space to run and loves to be outdoors. Noah is loving his new digs and all his new barn friends. He has naturally taken on the role of guardian and protector of his realm. He really is a gentle giant and has found a fantastic playmate in Billie, another one of our rescue pups. 
These 3 girls and 1 boy were brought to the sanctuary by a local resident, who was desperate to find them a safe place to live. They have proven to be a delightful addition to our farm family: playful, curious and sweet. They are fond of the resident dogs and enjoy grazing alongside Pippin the lamb, their adopted Big Brother. Still shy and wary of strangers, these babies enjoy their days of peace and comfort in the safety of the sanctuary walls. 
When he was first born, Pip was left out in the field by his herd. The farmer picked him up and handed him to a 13-yo girl saying: “Here you go, he’s yours”. Two years later, after being bottle-raised and loved by this girl, Pippin was separated to be shipped for meat with the rest of the males. Desperate to save him, the young girl and her mom took him home in their van and put him in their garage, while they scrambled to find a local sanctuary to take him. How could I possibly say no!  

Gussy was gifted by a son to his mom when he was only a few weeks old. He was growing up as a family pet: bottled-fed, babied and spoiled with lots of love. As Gussy got older, he began doing what any healthy, well-adjusted kid would do: take off his diaper, climb on the counters, eat the houseplants... To their credit, the family quickly realized that Gussy needs a farm, with others of his kind to bond with and do what Gussy does best – be a goat. After the first few days of trying to get into the house, Gussy has quickly learned that the barn and its residents is his new home.


This little piggie was a beloved pet and had a life of pampered leisure. As often happens, a change in family circumstances, left Hugo's mom looking to find him a new home. This boy is a real charmer, one of the first to greet our visitors and always ready for a belly rub. On really hot days, Hugo likes to immerse himself in the pond, his head bobbing on the surface.

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