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An afternoon visiting the sanctuary is time well-spent and a wonderful experience for you or for the whole family. Promised Land's community of rescues love visitors as much as you’ll love meeting them! You will be touched by their individual rescue stories and have your own unforgettable tales to tell about your time spent with them. 

This outdoor 90-minute sanctuary tour will bring you up-close and personal with our farm friends. Connecting with animals in their natural environment, where they are free to roam and be themselves, is a profoundly healing experience on all levels. We encourage you to slow your pace, relax and take it all in by letting whoever is feeling social that day come over and greet you.

Get your friends and family involved!

  • Organize a day trip and bring a plant-based picnic to enjoy on our scenic grounds

  • Bond with co-workers by bringing the whole office out for a visit

  • Forward information about our tours to everyone on your contact list


Experiences are $35 per person and the funds go directly to help our rescues.
Tours are on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from April until November, by appointment.

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